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Business Development Training & Coaching


  • Organisations who sell expertise, not widgets!

  • Companies that rely on relationship & insight selling

  • Experts who are great at doing their job but less great at selling themselves or their company


  • Change in the expert’s mindset from “I can’t” to “I can”

  • Key relationships that shift from ‘same old’ coffee meetings to meaningful conversations

  • Wins on the board as momentum increases

  • A culture that embraces selling as effortlessly as client service delivery



  • Five core models around mindset, pipeline, value add, time management and accountability

  • Group coaching and mentorship embeds learning and accountability

  • Peer support networks that carry on after the program ends


Why CoachLab?

  • Deep experience in professional services environment

  • An emphasis on expert coaching with targeted training to what is (mostly) a mindset challenge

  • Simple but highly effective concepts to focus on building confidence

Typical Engagement

  1. Meetings with sponsor to understand context and triggers for the work; understand other previous training; important internal BD frameworks & systems to leverage

  2. Meetings with sponsor to guide cohort selection

  3. Onboarding cohort

  4. Baseline and debrief the cohort using a 180 online assessment

  5. Preparation of business and personal development plans

  6. Program launch, deliver mix of in-person or online workshops on five core models

  7. Mentor meetings

  8. Smaller group coaching reviewing actions and learnings

  9. Program graduation

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