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Team Coaching

For Teams

  • Which despite having great people on them, struggle to achieve great outcomes

  • Where the leader does all of the talking…whether they want to or not

  • That have better conversations in the hallway than in the meeting room


  • A team more attuned to their important stakeholders

  • Engaged team members

  • A team leader who spends less time firefighting more time planning
    and thinking strategically



  • 5 Disciplines Framework, based on research by one of the gurus of teams, Peter Hawkins

  • Team 360 or self assessment leading to a team development plan

  • Work closely with the sponsor to agree on a mix of skills, coaching and mentoring to the team


Why CoachLab?

  • Experienced team coach in contexts both politically charged and complex

  • Team coaching, as a discipline, is emerging. CoachLab has a commitment to excellence so has engaged in training and ongoing supervision with leaders in the field of team coaching, Renewal Associates & Academy of Executive and Organisational Coaching

Typical Engagement

  1. Meetings with primary stakeholder to understand context and triggers for the work; understand other previous team development work (eg assessments, coaching, away days, training); important HR frameworks and processes to leverage

  2. Meet with the team to bring them onto the same page for the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of the program

  3. Baseline the team against the 5 Disciplines model – interview or online assessment

  4. Develop Team Development Plan which can be a mix of stakeholder engagement training and strategy, developing team purpose, objectives & roles, conflict training and coaching, accountability and feedback models, and self reflection of progress

  5. Execute the plan, either with or without organizational resources

  6. Communicate progress and results with the primary stakeholder including end of program development recommendations

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