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You Are

  • Responsible for setting the professional development agenda for your group or team

  • Needing for your next event to be 'yawn-free', memorable, and actionable

  • Wanting a stress-free experience leading up to the event

  • Looking for flexibility in either a short one-hour online or a webinar event

Talks Focus On

  • What you care about...but if you want some ideas....

  • Adaptive Mindsets - complex mindsets for emerging leadership challenges

  • Diversity - unique leadership styles

  • Business Development Mindset - diverse professionals moving from client delivery to client sales

  • New Leaders - diverse technical expert to diverse leader

  • Mindfulness in Leadership - the power of self-awareness on leadership capability


Why Me?

  • Work closely with you from the very beginning to create an agenda that works for your group

  • Blending 'how to' moments with experiential self-reflective learning

  • Emphasise group discussions and tapping into its wisdom

  • Experienced speaker and facilitator to hundreds of attendees at global and national organisations

  • During this challenging time we are all facing, this offer is fee-free!

How it Works

  • Check out my downloads below

  • Drop me a message at or fill in the contact form here and we organise an informal chat to understand if I'm a good fit for your group and with your agenda

  • After working out your requirements, I send you a running order and a powerpoint for you to review

  • The event happens and we ask for feedback from your group!

Free Downloads

  • Speaking topics on trending business topics through the lens of diversity and leadership

  • Sample agenda from one of my recent presentations

"You kept the energy high"

"I found that my team responded really well to your speaking style, they appreciated that you 'know their world' from your own personal experience and can then relate to them directly.

We really liked the many opportunities to practice new skills in your session, that made it very interactive and kept the energy high."

Partner, PWC

Want to Nurture Your Future Leaders?

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