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PCS Team Performance

Understand the team, unlock the potential.


  • PCS measures and improves team culture and leadership performance

  • Unique in what it measures and how it works, PCS is a digital survey-based solution that provides a simple, thorough analysis of team and leadership performance and wellbeing

  • An online survey across 6 segments with a dashboard report offering advice and practical suggestions on how to improve the score


  • Team processes and performance management metrics that may no longer relevant in the new normal

  • Leaders who are uncertain about whether the right people are still in the right roles

  • Companies facing over-stretched L&D resources



  • Improved morale and lower turnover as people feel heard and are empowered to contribute

  • Knowing if the new baseline is fit for purpose and where to focus if it's not

  • Team is more self sufficient in the current context of stretched L&D resources


  • Online diagnostic

  • Interactive dashboard reporting with tracking

  • Debrief with highly experienced coach and PCS accredited practitioner to draw up an action plan

Why the PCS

  • PCS has been used over 25,000 times in more than 20 countries by organisations focused on performance improvement

  • Trusted by BBC, NHS, Maersk Oil Qatar, Thomson Reuters, Protection Vessels International

"PCS became fundamental for developing leaders and managing performance. It was included in all team leaders annual objectives”

Director Customer Service Europe, Reuters Customer Service Management Centres

PCS Sample Report

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