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Team Connect 360


  • A leading 360 team diagnostic focused on sharpening a team’s value add

  • questions structured around the ‘Five Disciplines’ model based on the work of Professor Peter Hawkins from the Henley Business School in the UK

  • The ‘Five Disciplines’ model covers meeting stakeholder expectations, fulfilling team tasks effectively, building collaborative team relationships, connecting well with stakeholders, becoming a learning team


  • Complex environments such as high growth organisations, infrastructure projects, joint ventures, and organisations with global reach

  • Teams of experts who need to quickly ramp up and closely work together

  • Senior leadership teams who need to move their meetings from ‘only updates’ to ‘only impact’



  • From silent agreement to constructive conversations in service of better outcomes

  • Awareness and appreciation for the diverse stakeholder requirements

  • Engagement of team members who see a light at the end of the tunnel and greater alignment with the other team members


  • Assistance from the team coach to help you identify the most impactful and impacted stakeholders to the team, regardless of whether inside or outside of the organisation

  • Feedback is gathered online (the questionnaire can be accessed through a PC, tablet or smartphone) and the results are automatically collated into a report

  • Facilitated debrief with the team leader & the whole team

  • Creation of a team development plan

Why CoachLab

  • Accreditation with a leading provider of systemic team coaching, AOEC

  • We won’t suggest this assessment unless we think it will help

  • Rigorous cyber security checks on the TC360 platform to protect your organizational data

Typical Engagement

  1. Meetings with the primary stakeholder to understand context and triggers for the work; understand other previous team development work (eg assessments, coaching, away days, training); important HR frameworks and processes to leverage

  2. Meet with the team leader and team to bring them onto the same page for the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of the assessment

  3. Raters are identified and include the primary stakeholder, team members and stakeholders

  4. Invitation emails are sent to each rater with links to the questionnaire

  5. Raters complete a short questionnaire about the team and its interactions

  6. Feedback is aggregated into a report

  7. Meetings between the team coach and team leader and then the whole team to discuss the results

  8. Team development plan including actions for change based on the results

TC360 Sample Report

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