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For Individuals

Leadership Coaching

For individuals

  • Who are in or preparing for leadership positions

  • Seeking a style that is impactful without losing who they are

  • Wanting more confidence


  • Confidence in their choices and direction

  • Productive relationships with direct reports, peers & bosses

  • An expanded and timeless leadership toolkit


  • Coaching based on proven leadership frameworks

  • Hover over the 'typical engagement' box read more about it


Why CoachLab?

  • Coaches with hundreds of hours coaching at the executive level

  • Quick to build trust because of their corporate experience

Typical Engagement

  1. Reach out for a no-obligation chat

  2. Meet with coaches for chemistry sessions

  3. Agree on coaching objectives

  4. Discuss and complete a baseline assessment that is suited to coaching objectives

  5. Meet on a fortnightly or monthly basis

  6. Meet online or in person, depending on locations

  7. Reflect on progress against objectives

  8. Typical program runs between 3 and 6 months

"Ruth makes everything click"

"For me, being coached was a journey on how you rebuild your perception on the world, namely your feelings, your beliefs, your opinions. Then how you step out of them, see the same situation through the eyes of the others.


If you work hard and you are lucky enough to have people to challenge you, you begin to understand that it's not always about you."

Valia Zografou, Legal Counsel & Compliance Manager, Sandoz Greece, Cyprus & Malta

Unsure what to expect from leadership coaching?

In this short 30 second video, I talk about what you walk away  with

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