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  • Ruth Dettman

Life at 8,180,295 kilometres per hour

It's magic?

"How is it possible for Santa to deliver a gift to every kid?". We've been fielding this question every year. This year, I decided to take a more scientific approach than my standard "it's magic".

According to a Popular Science article, Santa either travels 8,180,295 km/hour, or he stretches time. In the latter, one human day would equal months in Santa time.

"It's magic" isn't too far off the mark!?

Santa time

It probably feels like you are careening towards your holiday break.

You are finishing projects before the year-end, preparing for financial close, finalising performance reviews and topping it off with a bit of panicked last-minute shopping!

Then during your break, you'll be rushing to catch up with friends and family, planning meals, and cramming in more last-minute shopping!

Here are my top tips to slow it down from light speed and bring more Santa time in your life.

Meditation - Although I am like the annoying aunty who tells the same story EVERY Christmas lunch, I recommend meditation. It's is my go-to when life is whirling like a kid's wobbly spinning top.

I use the Insight Timer. It's free on Google Play and iTunes with guided and music meditations for beginners and the more advanced!

Prioritise - No, making the perfect turkey stuffing is not the most important thing in life. Decide what's important each day and drop the guilt on the rest.

Bottom line, taking your foot off of the accelerator, even for a few minutes every day, will give you the breather you need.

You'll feel less like you're in a sleigh moving 8,180,295 km/hour with no seat belt and feel more like a magical Santa!


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