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  • Ruth Dettman

Later.....much later

I don't have internet

We are a few days into landing back in Australia and I am (gasp) without internet.

I would luuuuv to blame the internet service provider for this one. It would fit in well with my Movezilla persona that has taken over in the last couple of months - check out my Movezilla story!

But, this one's on me. I was procrastinating. Maybe I thought I would run into delays (I did), maybe I thought I would become frustrated (I did).

Perhaps, though, if I had gone through the pain a bit earlier, I'd happily be catching up on my favourite Netflix shows rather than watching a continuous stream of free-to-air cricket! (Apologies to all of you cricket tragics out really is quite boring).

(this is me after watching cricket and missing out on my fave Netflix shows)

Internet connection isn't the only thing that I avoid. Just like my clients, I also procrastinate when I'm worried about stuffing up, looking bad, or feeling a bit silly.

The 'chip' method

One dead-easy approach that works a treat is to do one little thing every day or week.

I had a client who had a big project due at the end of the year. The project wasn't urgent but it was important. Not urgent = easy to ignore. Truth be told, he was a bit overwhelmed and didn't know where to start.

We worked on a weekly structure for him to chip away on small tasks for a half day every week. He not only chipped away and made progress, but his confidence levels also grew.

What's something that's important for you to achieve this year and needs the 'chip' touch? Try it out for at least a month and let me know how you go! I'm chipping away at my own stuff so we can compare notes and have a bit of a giggle.

Ruth has been coaching at the executive and leadership level since 2015. Before coaching, she worked for 15 years in three global organisations (PwC, BHP and BP) over two countries (Australia and Canada) as a Chartered Accountant. Ruth’s coaching clients range from mid-management to executive-level clients in the food & beverage, media, professional services, utilities, oil & gas, satellite & telecommunications, tourism & culture, industrial conglomerates, government services, and global not for profits.

She has helped her clients identify and leverage their unique leadership style to influence stakeholders, overcome hesitation in having proactive and constructive conversations in complicated work relationships, and find paths for their teams and organisations in constantly changing environments.

Ruth’s clients say that ‘she gets them’. She understands their world. They can relax in the very first meeting, knowing that Ruth is not judging them. She brings curiosity to explore what’s happening and what is possible, which is the best kind of coaching to find sustainable long term solutions to challenges. Find out more at


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